Poem: Mighty Spirits Breath Freely.

Reminder: We should remember him again: Human rights and Human life – how worthy is the HUMAN LIFE for some societies? The countries with moral and ethic can change the world.


11295887_966854616668177_6748385521653985285_nMighty Spirits Breath Freely
Milena O. Laska……
Breath together freely
free souls free spirits
let´s breath deep and take an action
resonating through our spiritual connection.
let´s say the pray and stop the addictive powerful people
to destroy us.
Stop their cruelty and oppression.
Now is the time to say: Enough is Enough.
Mighty spirits reflect
have you ever fell so silent?
Enough of the dead innocent people.
Enough of the jails and punishments for the free spirits.
Now we will change the wrong world´s order.
Now we will change the wrong rules and set them right
for the right and unmitigated open minds
this is the chance,
so does the Will of God
our life-force speaks through us.
We change this unfair world
let´s deal free spirits
rule breakers
non conformists
visionaries speak up
and don´t let your free spirit fall asleep
afraid as we are…

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