Manifesto: Be New. Be a New Human.


— by Milena Oda Láska

Who is the New Human? The New Human knows only one way: The Way of Love. For us, the correct action is always an embrace: unconditional love. Every day, we exercise this assertion of our ability to find personal peace and use it to better the larger environment. We care about the PEACE, humanity and human rights.


The New Human won’t be political or nationalist, because politics are an illness, symptomatic of neuroses and hate. He will be global. The World´s Citizen. He will think about the welfare of the planet, not his own state, not his ego, nor his money, but only and always the things that devastate Nature, and how he can stop their course. The New Human is concerned about the Planet, not his/her Ego.

The Old Human thinks only of how to fight, and who is the enemy? He keeps wars ongoing, produces guns, makes horrible bombs. For two thousand years, man fought and destroyed. Earth is in danger now.

The New Human doesn’t want to continue in this furious past. We believe in Love, not in War. Love is creativity and a gift. The New Human explores yet another part of the infinity, a cosmic, spiritual power.

The Light is in us. We are still few, we New Humans. But we are bold, strong, spread our faith in the NEW HUMAN.


The way we learned to get reconnected with the Universe is our Spiritual Revolution. If anyone wants to become the New Human, they also make the Spiritual Revolution within his/her soul. The soul as a place of love and peace. The big spiritual revolution has already started among spiritually sensual and sensitive people. It is just a soft development, though. Some changes within us have happened very quickly this past year. Very quickly, we developed a new consciousness and we created new ways to describe the feelings formed by our new and changing world. With intense effect, changes come and go. God wants the New Human  – to react quickly and put the world in a new order, because the old ones devastate Earth. Do you feel the CHANGE in the world? Do you feel something BIG has already come?

The spiritual and ecological revolutions are for everybody. Go to the barricades as a New Human — or as a New Bohemian. No more fights in the street and wars against others. No. Here you learn to love and not to fight, as we learned thousand years before. Now is the highest time to intensify finally our love for Nature and our natural world within us, be authentic.

Meditate on how crucial it is to nurture your interconnectedness with all of life, not just the civilized part.

The New Human lives the rules of the Bohemian Paradise and follows the example of the creative New Bohemian. The New Bohemian is a creative person whose pursuit is a piece of art. The New Bohemian is an Artist as a New Human.

Our ancestors in Bohemianism are outdated because they only expressed their lives through art, literature, music, and film. They loved and lived how we do automatically, but they only loved it, and did not sacrifice themselves entirely for selflessness. They were creative and made pieces of art. There are defining attributes of the traditional Bohemians: courage, boldness, an inclination to revolt. To be Bohemian is to live a certain lifestyle. There were Bohemians of the last centuries at every social level: some were poor and talented, others, rich and extravagant. Many were deviant youths.

There are many traits that connect the various Bohemians throughout history: The Nouveau Bohemian, the Gypsy Bohemian, the Beat Bohemian, the Zen Bohemian, the Dandy Bohemian, all whom I name Old Bohemians. Most of the Old Bohemians sat in bars drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs, and lived a life of obscene vanity. Tapping into their creativity with one hand and aiming for a whole body release defined the Bohemian lifestyle. Being Bohemian meant always being a source of stories, intrigues and gossip.

– This life is not possible for the New Bohemian. It is implausible. It has no more value to us. The New Bohemian has a higher aim – through art, literature, film and music, we want to create a better world and safeguard the planet. Now, there is only the New Bohemian.

The New Human is already here by way of the New Bohemians. Be one! Blessings are due the Higher Power, who will keep you safe.




Our temple is not a church, mosque or synagogue, but Nature. Be authentic, be natural – you will be YOU as a natural part of the Universe. And Authenticity within our Nature is our religion.


It’s not only about changing the consciousness of the old and doing the opposite. It is about leading a completely new life. It is a spiritual way to the New Human. And as I have already mentioned, through the spiritual approach we achieve the higher One, who blessed us and made us his messengers. Light workers. We must care about old humans and the devastated planet. We cure.

Start with yourself, with your own spirit. Connect with the higher powers and energies that give the power to change our world, inside and outside. Money may seem important, but the SPIRIT in this existence of the 21st century is infinitely MORE IMPORTANT. Spirit is the basis for our change. If we are balanced, we will have harmony, peace and paradise within. We are all artists after all, creating peace. Any artist doesn’t participate in wars and destructions, which devastate the planet and people. The New Humans are Artists and Scientists. We want the scientist to become New Human and New Bohemian. We want the scientists who can help the world to clean and rescue the planet. His science is about art of freedom, love and art, how to clean and cure nature. His science does not create bombs or guns; his science helps nature keep its resources.


These words are directed towards rich, influential, materialistic people, who rein (and destroy) the world. Rich people should be educated about our Nature and develop empathy for Nature, for the Planet, consequently. STOP supporting them to accumulate wealth in their own homes, cars, and properties!  How to tell and teach them to deny amounts of money as a source of destruction? Invest in Nature, and in the scientists who help save Nature, not in your impermanent ego. Ego damages the world, wastes resources, and damages nature. We don’t want to allow more and more them to get rich and use it for vanity and own insanity.

Clean up the Planet. Help ! Action! Clean the beaches, clean the streets. Clean and change for the better your environment with your action. Now, we must repair, return, that act of love.


Again: Love is creativity, action and a gift. And the New Human is on the move to change the world,  a part of the power within the Universe. As a New Human and New Bohemian, I know it is essential to connect the people who want to drive progress. Our aim is to save the Earth. Doing so necessitates definition – it begins with reversing and altering the behaviors that first damaged the planet.

Let´s call ourselves: New Humans or New Bohemians – create LOVE, PEACE AND LIGHT in the human´s lives all over the world.

This is written by Milena Oda Láska: “Manifesto of the New Human and New Bohemian 

Add: The New Human and New Bohemian lives in the Bohemian Paradise. The Bohemian Paradise as poetic it sounds can be created as a New Planet.  

The Bohemian Paradise is real. I was born there – in the northeast of the Czech Republic – Český ráj in Bohemia. The region I am born is specifically called as a “Country of dreamers”. Yes, I am dreaming I would create a new, transmogrified, Bohemian Paradise, a country of good hearts and minds, for them to rule as a new Planet: Bohemian Paradise Planet.  The Inhabitants are ruled by Love and Peace. This country has completely different habits for interacting with the new Bohemian Paradise Planet than those to which we are accustomed now and we destroy. It’s my Dream. Welcome, New Human on the Bohemian Paradise Planet. Have a  Dream. The Life without the dreams is impossible. Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

I had the pleasure and blessing to arrive to the Buddhist Temple in Darnkow. It´s a miracle in the Central Europe, deep in the mountains, absolute peace and beauty. Build by Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche. Blessing. In Poland on the Czech/German/Polish Border. Happiness



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