Solidarity with the refugees?!

I like this pics as an irony to all the bad policy and hate against the refugees spreading around in Europe. It is terrible. Maybe in our next life we will be the refugees and will also need to go away from the poverty and war!! But we cannot. Because people dont want us like we don´t want them now. Wake up! – I am so surprised how people hate here in the Czech Rep. But there are also many who are against this hate! Europe is divided, world is divided. We need UNITY. But how when money counts. I understand that the souls of the refugees, only the souls, the spirits also need to move – travel to another countries where they lived their former life, where they were once human like we are now here in Europe, lucky enough to be born in PEACE and like we do in our freedom, lucky now to have FREEDOM, – they also need to move. People always moved. And this poor souls, people in Africa and their souls need change their life for the better not only because of money, because of peace their souls need!! So brave people.
It´s a spiritual need!! Not only materialistic. I understand humanity and the universe in the constant move and change. So they are now in need to change and move!!
– How do you understand this picture? As a joke – irony – or as a metaphor for the harsh ‪#‎refugee‬-reality? Do you have a ‪#‎solidarity‬ with the refugees? Do you join or not? There are again negative forces / mafias in ‪#‎Africa‬ that sell a place on the ‪#‎boat‬, on the ship for a lot of money to give a ‪#‎chance‬ to become a refugee. Money everywhere. It´s a hard business with the refugees. We ‪#‎support‬ the refugees, but the authorities must stop this inhuman treatment & ‪#‎humanrights‬Amnesty InternationalHuman Rights Campaign

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