Writers&Poets help the world to be in peace.

I understand myself as a creative person, as artist having a GOAL to help the world, the others with my talents, natural powers and insights on my life mission I am getting through my travels, through my life obstacles and achievements. I try to see my creative work from the angle how I can help the world – I ask everyday. I wish there is a constant answer. I am so thankful for my travels, life journey, meeting people I got the insight how important is to help (with my creativity) the world. – I see myself maybe 2-3 years ago I was like the most German & Czech writers or poets who only care about themselves: their only worry is (I can see it here on FB) how to promote their work and their Ego. Daily worry who writes about them and how GREAT they are!!! It seems like their daily achievement is to get more likes, more creepy comments “you are wonderful” for their selfish greatness and selfish writing. To help the world or the surrounding we live in should be the Goal of all writers, creative people because WE HAVE TALENTS not only to feed the EGO. TO MAKE THE WORLD BETTER is not out of discourse is OUR PRIORITY. I hope I can help because I am fortunate to live in peace and born rich. Rich when I compare how poor people are and they still smile and are happy. Salam for the world, who needs love. 

Let´s sing about it!!




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