Don´t produce more paper, be aware of every paper!!

1535625_10152280475686191_6728911743401706969_nThink of PLANET More than about your comfort: LETS be AWARE OF (make it illegal) THROWING AWAY PAPERS, PRODUCING CATALOGUES; PRINTING IN MEDIA COMPANIES without the DUTY OF RECYCLING or just STOP PRINTING!! It is THE SAME CRIME like with the food!!! Every PRINTED PAPER is a PART OF THE TREE!!! I work in a media company where TONES of PAPERS have been thrown away since 8 years I am there!! IT HURTS ME with Every PAPER! Every branch of tree is just destroyed!! — HOW MANY PAPERS AND CATALOGUES, ALL PRINTED WE THROW AWAY DAILY without watching, reading them…?? Companies print, get their money ignoring the fact: DESTROYING FORESTS!! We DON´T NEED so many PRINTED MATERIAL – look daily how many papers you throw away without making any use!!! What to do?? I started in the company with the collecting the papers and use them since 8 years I do it…I use the not printed blank sides… the western society must change this, our of your stinky comfort — think more and consequent of your



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