On my way in Egypt – Cairo.

1962755_10202846180297968_2375650124215081556_nI am visiting right now Egypt – Cairo. I will have here some theatre performances and theater workshops with the Bohemian Paradise Productions and Bohemian Paradise Press thanks the connection with my friends they are involved in the theater & film & literature. I will mention them. The way is more than mine it is a SHARED way!!



I was here already 4 years ago,167745_1575099299810_6426559_n discovered Egypt as a country of warm and very kind people, I don´t want to see in them the war and hate the Western world is now projecting on the Muslim world, I want to share with them their love for the beauty and humor. We laugh a lot, so much common, it is incredible. Isn´t the humor important to share the life? It is.

For me the Egyptians have a beauty in their souls. I don´t want to regard the stereotypes we hear on TV/ Radio but to be aware of the cultural / political differences is necessary too.

I don’t watch and listen to it, I meet here wonderful people, Bohemians with a very deep artistic spirit, they want more from the life… peace and love.

First I met the artistic group of the musicians Cairo Group Oscarisma. I call them Angels of the Peace. They spread the peace through their music in the streets of Cairo. The leader of the group is Oscar Nagdi. It is very powerful what they do!!

Cairo Group Oscarisma: Angels of the Peace.
Cairo Group Oscarisma: Angels of the Peace. The leader of the Groups: Oscar Nagdi.
The wall of the Egyptian Revolution.
The wall of the Egyptian Revolution.


America in Egypt. :)
America in Egypt. 🙂


http://www.MilenaOda.com & http://www.bohemianparadisepress.com & http://www.bohemianparadiseproductions.com


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