We pray: MERCY for GAZA.

Israel-Palestine Conflict is again the most sad and hopeless war we all must face. We face hate, disrespect and death of many many people who were born there where people are born to be killed by others who only hate. We foreigners know how is the feeling to be “foreign” and to fight for the own rights and house, but this conflict is worst.
Religious people hate each other and the only way is for them: the war. And the result: Awful pain. Who is where foreigner? Stranger here? No man – as far as we know the Mother Earth belongs to all of us and we must protect her and as we protect each other.
If Israeli & Palestines are religious people and believe in God – what is it for belief if their only way is: HATE AND REVENGE with NO DIVINE MERCY?! Let´s pray for the peace in this deeply sad piece of land. – Divine powers be there and stop every weapon to shoot on people and their houses and restore Faith in LOVE again. No more tears! Justice is near. Mercy for refuges, foreigners and strangers who are so regarded from Israelis and shelter for all souls, and especially for all the poor sinners who enjoy the war.

… New Human loves and supports peace, be the New Human.
Milena O. Láska


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