The Urge to Protest: Don´t sleep!

I feel and have the urge to speak up, again, we have fallen into the deep sleep. We must speak up, write, more… There are so many issues going on around right now in the world and we seem to be beaten. we sleep, we accept and we don´t speak up enough!!!
I have written the Poets Protest Manifesto, 2012.
Please listen to the words, if you can do something, do.

What is right now happening with us?
Some people look for the peace and love in spirituality – unconditional love and belief in Divine Powers which is the way how we can survive in this big worldly drama!! Others find peace and happiness in the sport (TV or activities) and ignore others. Some die and struggle in the drug wars. Many must suffer horribly, die and fight on the war front and the others deepen the totalitarianism while faking the facts and in need to have enemy and a war again… (Crash of Malaysia plane suddenly in the Ukraine, the boiling pot of the war with Russia!!).
Part 2 of the Manifesto:
And yes some create some new piece of art – music, books, art which should change a bit the current word for the better.. in the hope the ART can change the world!I Artist, Writers and Poets speak up – don´t sleep! It is not boring on Earth to keep in us all in peace!
Part 3 of the Manifesto:



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