Rainbow – the colors of the life.

10492471_710063729090580_6896507375994655617_nI often think… what it is for a sign – the RAINBOW?!10516739_710064952423791_3672405451247485702_n
Just natural appearance? It is a sign from ABOVE. – It means when you are sad, come tears, because you had sunshine in your heart before, now is lost… and now, what comes? What comes next…. RAINBOW? 10532467_710064829090470_3258982295404703548_n
After tears you should know: there are more colors in life than only black and white you see in your sadness… look at the sign… there are colors in your life, open the eyes. I do every day to see the life, the unique one… I create… the colors. I love rainbows…lately I saw so many like never ever before in my life, grateful for every new color in my life brought from the rainbow, even the small nuance – grade of the main color!! Enjoy this picture I collected… and took pictures too self, on my way of my life. ❤


and then another sign: when you fly the right direction in your life… there can appear a rainbow too 😉 10551114_710050325758587_5672113700699372633_n


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