Captain on the wild ocean of New York City


Me as a captain on the wild ocean of New York City! As I wrote lately, NYC is not an easy city, it is a big challenge to come along with different people, different cultures and also with the American character, which I understand but sometimes they also surprise me, unpredictable how all can deal and handle seems to me like being on the sea! You never know when comes the storm, big waves and some break… this is New York City for me: wild ocean! Just hold your post as captain and go on on the ocean to the land, to your promised country, you love to land… and leave again, as a sailor or a captain to lead the ship and seamanship. We must always leave, when we are born on the sea…


Remembering my play “See the Sea”. The books has been just published! Purchase on Amazon: 

Here is the dialog between Edda and Albert from the play: 
Albert: Edda! A ship!
Edda: A ship?
Albert: The ship’s heading north. 
Edda: Heading north past our window? 
Albert: Exactly, north past our window. 
Edda: Is it sailing with the Swedish flag? 
Albert: Yes, with the Swedish flag and it’s such a big ship. 
Ship ahead! Ship ahead!
Edda: They can’t hear you.
Albert: Ship ahead!
Edda: No, no, they don’t hear anything. She laughs. 
Albert: It’ a fast ship, Edda, look…
Edda: You’re right, a really fast ship, but they can’t hear us! 
Albert: A bulgy ship on a calm sea!
Edda: Nobody hears us!
Albert: A ship over the ocean towards Australia… Australia, Edda! 
The ship ploughs through the ocean! 
Edda: The ocean! 
Albert: Towards Australia… woah! On the Pacific! 
Edda: A view onto a quiet nothing! 
Albert: I was a captain! 
Edda: And a sailor, too? 
Albert: One of the most famous captains! 
Edda: On the sea? 
Albert: 1978.
Edda: And 1985? 
Albert: I operated the ship from the command bridge! 
Edda: Now I gotta laugh… 

Order the book “See the Sea” on Amazon and have fun with Albert and Edda at the sea:

Photo from the book. 


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