New York and You, New You.

Image I am now in New York, already one and half month, in Brooklyn, a place I feel comfortable with people, artists and likeminded people. My neighborhood gives me a feeling I am a part of them, I belong to them, I already know people around, have my favorite cafes where I meet likeminded people. they welcome you kindly when you enter…. But still everyone is aware of his own life, rights, and feelings. I have never lived so full life like now in New York. Even I have been here many times, now I am here with New Yorkers, I work with them. 


 I am a part of the society with my theatre group, with my project, so I am already involved in the society, I am not a tourist, I am habitant of New York. New Yorker for a while, as long as I can.

You handsome habitant of the city. 


Don´t sleep, just rest.

Walking New Yorker on the edge of the trembling night and day. Image

changes at the corner, your breast, your soul and mind ready to change in a moment. 

In NYC you must rely only on yourself. 

I never ever met such people like here who don’t have a problem to say if something doesn´t work immediately: good bye. There is no dialog, there is only end or begin.

And then: next one. – it is hard, you must be hard. But take the ride, it is worth of the learning, just don´t fall down, no failure allowed, – just awakening! Who we are people of this planet? Why we come in others lives, go and leave?!

New York is the best school ever till you don´t fall down of exhaustion, – no you are not 30, 40… you are 18 and you start understanding the world and people of this planet and your real mission. – People are here real, and every one fights for his own and real life possibly the best one. – The way how to live fully. 



It is the faith which keeps you to run ahead to have faith, belief, hope and love in the soul and on mind, every day, to live fully and survive all troubles we human beings must face when we must live next to each other, here in New York City. 

When I was watching the sky while passing the city on train, thinking about the life, me and now – I saw it… the divine sign! It made me happy!! – Can you see it too? what I saw and took a picture of the BEAUTY on the sky…I celebrate it!



Milena O. Láska …….. in Czech: Love……..



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