The Cancer Nation – USA needs to restart.

The Cancer Nation - USA needs to restart.

In my opinion every nation has own zodiac. Germany is for me Virgo (Order, Strength, exact, pragmatical, practical thinking etc), Czech Republic – Libra (Libra loves peace, harmony, beauty, we never had any war in our country), Spain is Taurus (comfortable, lazy and homy, loves food and home), Italy – Pisces (idealist, illusions feed the mind, living with the flow, in the intuition etc.), and the USA is a Cancer Nation. Cancer in the shell. A water sign. USA surrounded by the oceans.
I love the country, but sometimes I must be aware what happens there, which harms the world´s peace. Who is a cancer? You can believe it or not, here is the understanding of one big nation which needs to be restart, come down from the arrogance, proudness and perfection. I bet it will happen!
Characters of the Cancer might resonate with the understanding of the USA, does it help, not really, but it is fun to try to understand! But how can we change it? We just try to understand and love this cancer nation.
Open your shell, open your vision for the light in the world! My beloved USA, the pain, hate and ego must be replaced for the health heart, peace and Divine State of Mind.
Thank you Bridgett Walther for the brave words: “We have to remember that every nation we’ve borrowed from, such as China has 1-2% has exorbitant numbers of extremely wealthy people, just like us. We have more poverty now than during the Great Depression, mainly because there are more of us living on credit cards. People don’t want to deal with it or think about it – but we must.And that takes guts, You and your friends in the county you live in need to hold a meeting that addresses the post 1929 look-alike mess. Did they stand around flipping signs like so many do today – or did they put pressure on congress that unless they fix the mess CONGRESS CREATED, including ch-ching battle in the Mideast that thankfully released us from an ongoing threat from Moamar Khadffi and Osama Bid Laden. We did that job. We’ve done plenty that no sane person wants on any other continent. So, job well done, President Obama and family.”

-Love and Light!!

Yours M.O. Láska in one week on the way to the USA.
Cancer and pisces (me) in the ocean´s rough and calm waves… together. /


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