Manifesto of the Past. Is behind you.

Manifesto of the Past. Is behind you.

This is the time to close the chapter and read it 20 years later, close the door, and throw the key away, don´t enter anymore… One old life was lived. Relief. Its done. Happiness and Trouble. darkness und light changed the way I went, maybe sometimes to much darkness…? I forgive me and forgive other people who blamed me I am the pain, I caused them a pain or whatever… they didn´t see happiness? I met people who liked to blame and to make You better not themselves. They were perfect…-. These people don´t belong anymore to my life, if they blame the others.
I expect they say: Excuse me I did a mistake, can you forgive me. I do. As I do apologize. There must be the strength in you to be stronger than your ego who never feels bad and doesn´t see own mistakes. Ego never apologizes. Even if they arrived ready to break a window with a sledgehammer, I carry my hammer and move away.
Covering up the machismo? Yes, they do it perfect with a humming sound and move from a place on the river Styx to another dimension. Heaven is readily available and is wherever you want it to be. It is part of you. You are not just molecules, cells, hormones, and carbon. You are a heavenly creature, and like Saul, in the Bible, can be turned from anger and envy into holy and unafraid. Anyone who says, “People never change” are limiting themselves and any naïve person who has never been to the other side. Declaring that, ”people never change,” reveals how limited they are and how discouraged those who hear this repeatedly become. When you encounter such a person, notice how alone and aching their loneliness is. If you hate another, that “hate” harms you and shows up as an illness that may be the only way this person get attention.
There are those whose only way to get attention is via illness, tragedy, and “poor me.”
Bow down and say I am stronger, than this twin evil – Ego.
And I bow in front of you to apologize for my mistakes, and I change! I am happy I can change!
It was a hard time, though, war of tugs, frustrations in between, before we really close the famous chapter of the old life waiting for the new one, better, calmer and happier…. We try to do our best. On the way I learn, I approach and I try to understand the way where it must be led… to the LIGHT! no more darkness, illness, ego, no more pain and blaming, judging, – please don´t judge anybody. not me. The mistake is you and me, the school is full of you and me, we both are pupils and teachers in that school. life. thank you.
Past is in the rubbing dust. I breath the fresh air of the NEW LIFE.
The door slapped behind me and didn´t look back…slightly feeling the past is over …but I cover it with the new light, hope and belief.
I go the way I see in front of me… to the LIGHT and LOVE.
I am filled with buoyant inspiration.


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