Celebrating the Earth today. Bow and help the Earth. Now!

Celebrating the Earth — on a particular day — has a cosmic source and confirmation that we are one connection. Communing with Mother Nature is definitely a must for many human souls right now!! What I don’t like words from Bible and don´t agree with it! In Genesis is said, human/ Man reign over the animals, birds, ocean, seas… – No! this is wrong, we Humans can´t reign, we must serve and help now the Earth! There is no other reign. Human is now a servant and helper of the Earth.
“Now is the time to help the Planet. Without it, we could never have developed into the forces for change, against all resistance, which we now find ourselves to be. Now, we must repeat, return, that act of love.
We are new on the Planet Earth. The way we learned to get reconnected with the Universe was our Spiritual Revolution. If anyone wants to become the New Human via New Bohemian, they must make the Spiritual Revolution. The big spiritual revolution has already started among spiritually sensual and sensitive people. It is just a soft development, though. Some changes within us have happened very quickly this past year. Very quickly, we developed a new consciousness and we created new ways to describe the feelings formed by our new and changing world. With intense effect, changes come and go. God wants the New Human – New Bohemian – to react quickly and put the world in a new order, because the old ones devastate Earth. Do you feel the CHANGE in the world? Do you feel something BIG has already come?

The spiritual and ecological revolutions are for everybody. Go to the barricades. No more fights in the street and wars against others. No. Here you learn to love and not to fight, as we learned thousand years before. Now is the right moment to intensify our love for Nature and our natural world within us, be authentic.
I urge you to meditate on how crucial it is to nurture your interconnectedness with all of life, not just the civilized part.” An excerpt of the Manifesto of the New Bohemian. Read it and join us: https://milenaoda.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/manifesto-of-the-new-bohemian/6067310

Lets talk the Aborigine woman from Canada Kwitsel Tatel, I met there. Listen to this video!!! Follow her advices, HELP THE EARTH NOW not later.
more about me: http://www.MilenaOda.com
more about the cameraman: http://topalante.es


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