Maturity of Your Divine Soul.

Maturity of Your Divine Soul.

It is not your Ego when you forgive – It is your Higher Self. The Ego is never able to forgive and apologize for own mistakes. Ego wants to be perfect. Ego is a devil.
You don’t expect the apology though you know this person has fears and the Ego is too arrogant to apologize. To be arrogant, manipulative and selfish is the lowest level of You.
The Higher Self allows you to forgive the person who hurts you.
A person who lies protects own Ego, the Selfish hidden Devil, who pretends that all is okay – to hurt is okay.
You can see deeply into this devil’s soul-kitchen, -see the fear and manipulation – but you forgive because You are above his/her Ego, all the lies and fears the person hides by hurting others, loved ones.
You are the winner in Your life. You know it, this kind of persons you must avoid to protect you, your maturity – Your Divine Soul. Don´t hurt back. Let rule the Universe.
Do you agree?

– Yours Milena O. Láska

PS: the Higher Self is not an entity separated from you, it is very much a part of you. When people speak about their higher selves they are referring to the knowing or awakened aspects of themselves. Higher self is sometimes used as a universal term by individuals who feel very connected to spirit. It is through your higher self that deepest truths and hidden knowledge is accessed.


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