Short film dedicated to Love & Art & Martin in Prague

Have you ever met Martin Fryč? The Czech Foto-Art-Blogger or Art-Documentrist – Art-Lover – Art-Connector … just an admirable person in Prague who visits every day – every day – opening of the art-exhibitions and takes photos of the pictures, persons and he loves it being there and we love him to be there with him, I love him as a person who loves unconditionally Art and Bohemians. He is one great Bohemian. If you are curious about the Art in Prague, about people and Bohemians, check out Martin’s Facebook. I wanted to create for him a website but he likes the conversation, chatting around the pictures and being happy just in the moment seeing the photo from the party, from “yesterday”… from the eternal love to Art.
Here zu Martin’s photographs and nihgt-life:


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