Russian Invasion again!?

 Russian Invasion again!?

Russian INVASION AGAIN? – Crimea! – First of all were people of Ukraine fighting for their freedom, risked their lives, put in danger lives of their children, just to have a better future, future of freedom, own believes and needs. and Happiness. Well, why Crimea now? it is a crime! After all, now come Russia and Army and take them the “lives”, their nation, they were so hard fighting for the last months. This is not fair, this is not alright!! Order the world, you respect people´s needs, not authorities´and powerful people who can manipulate us. How we can make the world better place of free and happy will?
Russia broke the national privacy!
Just remember the Russian invasion in the Czechoslovakia, 1969. It left in people fear, frustration and pain. Nobody has already a right just to come and take, as a superpower.
– Just make a peace? and then sovereign and a new dictatorship? No, this is not alright! We are people in the 21st century, made painful experiences with the dictators of the 20th century! Can they learn from it? I pray for a peace. No more armors, tanks. No dead, suffering people. Amen. Unknown-12
Zase ruska invaze!! Tentokrát na Ukrajinu/Krym. – Nejdriv ztracejí zivoty ve své zemi, aby meli svuj stat, a pak prijde invaze, a DRZE jim vezmou to, za co tvrde bojovali a vezmou jim holy zivot… to je nespravedlnost a moc!! To neni v poradku!


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