Launch of the Bohemian Paradise Productions

(c) Milena Oda
(c) Milena Oda

Start!! Now! I am so proud of this new Bohemian Paradise Project!
I proudly announce the Bohemian Paradise Productions – a new website is born at 3:11am PST on Tuesday, February 25, 2014. It weighs a healthy 6 pages and 28 elements.
I am happy and excited for the project which we will all develop!
Spread the word and tell your customers, family and friends about us! This is a new website for Multi-Media-Platform – Theater-Film/Video-Music – BOHEMIAN PARADISE PRODUCTIONS. Bohemian Paradise Projects generally not only have an artistic approach but are also very sociable; we would like to be there, where and when we are needed. We rethink, rearrange and resolve old patterns, problems and cliches. Our highest aim is to leave you feeling challenged, changed or inspired – perhaps all of these! – Visit us and write us if you think we could evolve an artistic, challenging project together! Start!! Now!!


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