My Mom is the divine and greatest inspiration.

My Mom is the divine and greatest inspiration.

You, my dear loving and loved for ever mom, navždy milovaná… maminka!
With your poetic soul, with your charming smile, honest soul and with a gift to spread love and laugh around you… helping children to educate them. You did a healing work without knowing it…People (Guests in Pension Milena) came to you to listen to you, and you always shared and gave them so much love and respect!
You inspired me since my childhood! You made my dreams true by giving me a chance to make happen what I wished in every dream – always!! You and pa always supported me, thanks to YOU – I am who I am – here!! Writing, creating and living and loving my life as Milena Oda – Láska… you understood my way just a bit… an artist life. But you showed me the path!
You taught me languages German, French and English, always playing, or writing poetry, you taught me how to be wise, educated and and happy!! You were a great teacher not only for me, but also for the children you had at school for almost 40 years!
And we adored you – you made for the whole family colorful, beautiful clothes by hand, on the sewing machine!- needle and pin were your daily tools, for your craft, your art, every new clothes sewn, you added your wide imagination, how to make the little daugter more cute and beautiful!- I was – I am your piece of art!! You were the best.
Rest in Peace, Love and Heaven.

My mom passed away unexpected in 2011.
Photo (c) Jan Faulkner

My parents -  the well of my life.
My parents – the well of my life.

Your letter you wrote in German::: ein Beispiel deiner unendlichen Kreativität und Freude!!
Copyright (c) Milena Oda
Copyright (c) Milena Oda


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