Last summer, 2013 on my way from Canada to Los Angeles. In this car 🙂 on the road like Jack Kerouac and many other Beatniks…. I follow their path! Across the USA and now through a part of Canada…Image

  Well on the road through the place/region I wanted always see: BIG SUR!!  The famous place about which is written many literature… I read many times and wondered how the life might be there? In the mountains, along the Pacific, without any culture… but the culture is the nature. The beuatiful pure nature there. Authors around were many: One of the most famous ghosts is one of Henry Miller, my favorite one, I read not all his books, but the most are sexy, charming and influential… After all tropics… Cancer and Capricorn. I also visited the Tropic of Cancer (in Mexico) . Image

Big Sur is a region, sparely populated region of Central Coast of California, at the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur acquired a bohemian reputation with many newcomers.  In the early to mid-20th century, Big Sur’s relative isolation and natural beauty began to attract writers and artists, including Robinson JeffersHenry MillerRichard BrautiganHunter S. ThompsonEmile Norman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Jack Kerouac. Jeffers was among the first of these. 

So various, still pure, a bit of mystery and full of romance for the nature. I wanted to see and visit the place where my stars of literature lived! Spent the time writing!
Jack Kerouac stayed there just few days and got inspired for his novel BIG SUR, he stayed at Lawrence Ferlinghetti´s cabin in the wood of Big Sur, in early 1960. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, one of the influential people who evolved the culture to the top! I had such a luck and met him in San Francisco, last year and two years ago I interviewed him as well, here a mute video.
See a video on youtube. //
Henry Miller recounted that a traveler knocked on his door, looking for the “cult of sex and anarchy.” Apparently finding neither, the disappointed visitor returned home. Miller is referenced in Brautigan’s A Confederate General at Big Sur, in which a pair of young men attempt the idyllic Big Sur life in small shacks and are variously plagued by flies, low ceilings, visiting businessmen with nervous breakdowns, and 2,452 tiny frogs whose loud singing keeps everyone awake..  href=””>Image Many lived there for inspiration and aspiration. 

Image I just say: SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Henry Miller lived in Big Sur from 1944 to 1962. His 1957 essay/memoir/novel Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch described the joys and hardships that came from escaping the “air conditioned nightmare” of modern life. I visited The Henry Miller Memorial Library,  a cultural center devoted to Miller’s life and work, Image. There isn´t anymore Henry Miller´s House a few hours ago it burned down, told me his friend, whom I asked when we were riding around, the only person on the planet there… and just his friend! It made me happy… but sad, that the house doesn´t exist any more.
It is a popular attraction for many tourists, but it is not a place or house where Henry wrote or lived. It is his friends house who dedicated this house to Henry Miller. I was very happy to find it… It was VERY difficult to find this special place… we asked many many people: Where is Henry Miller House or Museum… Nobody knew Henry Miller, no one we asked…!!! Gosh this is an educated folk… no interest in literature? Hm, so far, so disappointing!! And also NO sign where this special – pilgrim place, the holy pilgrimage was not easy… but asking and asking payed off!! We found it!! And see how happy I was!!Image

Bus Stop in Big Sur… the famous bus for the beatnik generation… always by bus… 

ImageAnd this is a place inside… everywhere photos, posters, and books in all languages of the world of Henry Miller.

Image ImageBea






It was a small house… but the nature was big!! Big Sur… be sure you visit it on the road through California!! 



And in peace slept there Big Sea Lions!! My darlings, – maybe I will tell you one day my story how the Big Sea Lion kissed me… in San Diego! A kiss of a Sea Lion… unforgettable story!! Love of the nature must be kept and taken care…. so beautiful is the nature still, I must cry of happiness to see all the beauty I am so grateful we could see on our way through USA. 




The true us: that this is our lovely car!! It brought us everywhere without any accident, thank you and the driver and our Angels!!  

in Big Sur with the spirit of the beatnik generation – famous thanks to Lawrence Ferlinghetti and his City Lights Bookstore and Publishing houseImage


More you can read about my experience in my America Blog:;

and you know what I say in my Manifesto of the New Bohemian: We are the BEATEN Generation!! Read it here- why we are BEATEN? See it on my T-Shirt and you can understand…or get to know more 🙂
And here is a cool – mute video with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg etc.: // I guide you through the City Lights Bookstore:

All Photos are in copyright of Milena Oda / Topalante.
All Photos are in copyright of Milena Oda / Topalante.


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