Bliss… Miss you.


by Milena Oda


Everything moves out of me.

A voice returns like the insistent broken violin prelude.

We played. Violine, guitar.

Sisters, brothers, friends, mother, daughter, father.

Though we smiled at the broken tunes.

The music reveals the dreams.

I received your charm, your tunes, I loved. 

I was always sure you understand me.

My feelings I learned to understand for you.

False note first. The abstract music of the feelings

penetrates in the whispers of our metaphysics of immortality

in the satin we create.

Flesh. Keep the metaphysics warm and keep the beauty in you, 

the smell of your skin.

Trembling with the tenderness.

I am an expert beyond the universe

Let me

Sing, bliss, I miss you.

The luxury I had only with you, the tender love.


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