Freedom, we have…. Don’t be ill. – The Czech Protest-Artist David Černý.

All is about the freedom, unless we feel in a cage, we fly away… but where and with whom? Privately and in public I want to feel my freedom, free without a fee! Many artists, poets, writers are already put in prison, still in China, but also in the – once upon the time – democratic country: USA. I am frightened… what happens with my favorite land? Where are you going, Lord of America? Are you loosing mind, love and laugh!? It seems to me so.

Poet, Artist, if you express yourself, therefore you are free!

Here you can see piece of art made by David Černý (1967), Czech artist-, he has been always provoking with his art! He founded the Meet Factory in Prague, the meeting point for alternative culture. He always provokes since his youth, my respect.

This finger, you can see below… The outsized purple hand has been mounted on a barge floating on the river Vltava. It is pointed at Prague Castle, the seat of President Milos Zeman. Who is loosing more and more respect, what a shame for the country!! The deployment of the middle finger in David Cerny’s sculpture directed at the Czech president’s castle just enough to say “fuck off politics” can be general rejection of the current political situation.

Middle finger by David Cerny.
Middle finger by David Cerny.

— It is very provocative, but I think, how much freedom – democracy we still have, when he can show it! Just too big not to see it, and many world´s media reported about it, in front of the castle ….

After this expression of David, I ask, and still wonder, without being prosecuted, prohibited – Yes, we are still one democratic country, proud that he did it! Though the corruption in the government is so deep rooted. It hurts, it sucks. – But we artists, we can still express ourselves freely here … God bless the Czech Republic, – and of course still America (both continents).   

ImageFuck off politics... piece of art by David Černý. 

Another work of David Černý::: from his last october-exhibition – ÜBER EGO- galerie dvorak sec contemporary v Dlouhé ulici in Staré město, – you can see his work in Prague’s museums too.  Image





ImageThe fImageAnd Freedom to take with you1 Into the luggage when you fly in another continent… Are you dangerous? Tell us in US! Oh, wey, what happened with the democratic country of freedom? 

And here I am with David… I really like and appreciate what he does, all the time, he awakes us…

I say, people, don’t sleep, speak up, show up your protest – PROTEST!!




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  1. Egerland says:

    Funny – this coincidence in your blog:
    David Cerny

    and Mike Diana

    are using just the same symbol!

    What do YOU want to tell us by that?

    Or what doTHEY want to tell us by this?


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