Queen with Prince Karel Schwarzenberg.

Me With Karel Schwarzenberg.

Today&Tomorrow are elections to the parliament in the Czech Rep. I don´t want any abuse of the administration, of the state, any communist shady practices. I want new cosmopolitan, intelligent and open minded people. Can we afford honest people in the government? I afford New Bohemians for the government! Bohemia for the Honesty. – Will be Fürst Schwarzenberg in the government, keeping the family tradition of the reign with his party Top 09 ? I hope! Whom do I vote? I support Top 09 or….
– I think I keep my religion in nature, my temple, government is nature. I am the queen of my New Bohemian Paradise therefore I vote New Bohemians – my new party for the FUTURE!- Seriously.

New Bohemians live in a new country called The Bohemian Paradise! New Bohemians – we don´t want/ need politicians, politics produces hate and wars -. We are artists, we are honest, loving, cosmopolitan, open minded people for the whole New World, come and enter the new country: THE BOHEMIAN PARADISE.
Beauty oftheNAture
More about OUR NEW BOHEMIAN PARADISE: http://www.thebohemianparadise.org


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