My trip to the South Bohemia. l. – České Budějovice/ Budweis.


It is a long ago I visited České Budějovice. As a child I was there quite often, I had there an aunt, but the last 20 years I didn´t have any possibility to see the city again. The removal from the communist time. I must say, the historic area of the city surprised me so much, that I felt in love with this part. The most historic houses are repaired, restored and got a new beautiful appearance, what a charming atmosphere around there in the city!!

The main Square:  Photo: ©Topalante
The main Square: Photo: ©Topalante
We stayed 1, 5 days. It was BEAUTIFUL GOLDEN DAY, full of SUN, INDIAN SUMMER!! Walking and taking pictures, not enough with the golden leaves having their freedom on the ground around everywhere, not like in Germany, they are swept every day, and destroyed.
České Budejovice by night Photo: ©Topalante
České Budejovice by night Photo: ©Topalante
Here you can 

History from: The royal city was created as a platform of the king’s power in South Bohemia and to counterbalance the powerful noble House of Rosenberg, which finally became extinct in 1611. Their sign is a red rose. 

In 1341 King John of Bohemia accorded permission to Jewish families to reside within the Budweis walls and a first synagogue was erected in 1380, however several pogroms occurred in the late 15th and early 16th century. Since the Hussite Wars, the city was traditionally a bulwark of the Catholic Church during the long-lasting religious conflicts in the Kingdom of Bohemia.  In 1762 the Piarists established a gymnasium – we spent hours on the Piaristické Platza, so beautiful here. In 1847 the production of Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth pencils was relocated from Vienna to Budweis.Image

Budějovice has long been well known for the beer brewed there since the 13th century. Till today there is still the famous brewery, former called Budweiser. The largest brewery, founded in 1895, is “Pivovar Budějovický Budvar” (Budweiser Budvar Brewery) Unknown-4

Unknown-3which has legal rights to market its beer under the “Budweiser” brand name in much of Europe. But after the opening of the borders, there was a concurency to the American Lager “Budweiser”, so Budejovice lost their mark, and the Image

beer was renamed only to Budvar.

See some of the beautiful corners of this small city. I use the word “beautiful” often, but I had this impression, the atmosphere of the city surprised me so much, inspired me to the poems, songs and to many pictures, poses I love to do…. see the golden leaves. We enjoyed the INDIAN SUMMER during our trip in Bohemia. What a blessing, luck… sun was our great company.

 Photo: ©Topalante
Photo: ©Topalante”&gt;Piaristické namesti.

IMG_1122 I am reading the menu of the Bohemian Cuisine, I must say it was delicious by Hospoda U tri sedlaku!

And here is the song we made by night in Budejovice… so much love and light in the night:

Here we were spontaneous singing for the night which belongs to us:::


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