In Edinburgh – The City of Literature

Edinburgh – The City of Literature. Therefore I am here, to meet them, my fellows BEST SELLERS — Walter Scott, David Hume, Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Irvin Welsh, Muriel Spark, AND the biggest BEST SELLER: Joanne Rowling!!! So we had all a meeting! What an INSPIRATION to be here! Hey! Yeah! Image  All about Robert Burns, Louis Stevenson and Sir Walter Scott (Edinburgh dedicated to Sir a big monument…see below)  who lived, stayed inEdinburgh City of Literature

In Edinburgh, I met another poets, writers:::Christos Chrissopoulos (from Greece) and Odia Ofeimun (from Nigeria) and others creative souls…. ImageImage


ImageWith an artist Savina Tarsitano,




And with Walter Scott:: My first encounter in Edinburgh, with someone famous..: ImageImage 

They just built to Sir Walther Scott, a cathedral!! Such an honor!
And this honor, I sold my T-Shirts and books in Edinburgh: I wanted to ask Joanne Rowling, are you writer or a fucking best seller? She is an inspiration, respect!!!


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