At the European Cultural Parliament in Edinburgh/ Scotland as a member.

I have been a member of the European Cultural Parliament since 5 years – , and every year we meet once a year in some important cultural City. It is a great pleasure to meet every year the same and new people who have ideas, some are really creative and move with the culture. It is a pleasure to meet likeminded people!!  We I mean cultural people, scientists, politicians and some artists/writers – discuss about some topic. This year it was IDENTITY. 

I absolutely deny Identity, as many still fight in this (European) cage, for me is the end of Identities, there is now a new world, new belief in AUTHENTICITY::  I was talking about the New Human, New Bohemian, who is an artist, no more politicians, who creates wars, bombs and hate among the nations. We are the New Humans who create peace and new spirituality, no money -hunting people. More you can read about my philosophy of New Human and New Bohemian at my another portal:

ImageImageImageImage The building was called: CREATIVE SCOTLAND. 


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