CZECH REPUBLIC lives the time of the ELECTIONS for the new CZECH PRESIDENT!

There are two candidates: Milos Zeman and Karel Schwarzenberg. I vote Karel Schwarzenberg, why and who is he?

Karel Schwarzenberg is an old man, he would be an old president, so what?! Czech president holds his post nce, a representative of our country,  with less influence on the politics in the country which is surrounded by the German-speaking countries, we need the approach to these powerful countries who deal with us with less respect. To understand us as we are is difficult for them, it seems to me, after I spent so many years in Germany. There are many reasons, language – personal, we are a small country, not big as Germany and this is a problem- small & big, so what, I would say, but there must be a respect between big and small!  Small in seize, big in a spirit, and vice versa, this is a human point! Other reasons: the assassination on Reinhard Heydrich by the Czechs, 1942. He was a high-ranking German Nazi, official during World War II, and one of the main architects of the Holocaust, Deputy-Reich in Bohemia and Moravia, the BENES DECRETS signed after 1945, – the Germans who said YES to Hitler 1933 (or NO, but there is an archive-evidence that about 9o% of Sudents Germans said YES) were ejected after the 2ww out of the Czechoslowakia, the “peaceful” result of the 2WW made of this small country an enemy without a war-demand. We need to forgive and respect each other, still. This is an IMPORTANCE!

WHY I think he is the RIGHT ONE.

Karel Schwarzenberg would be a medium, a door with the past and future. – I just hope he wouldnt change his opinion about Euro& Czech crown. This is one point, I regard as useful to have him as a president, but more important Karl Schwarzenberg is a PERSONALITY!

His person has a niveau to be our president!  There were LUCKY TIMES WE HAD BOHEMIANS on the thrones! Praotec/Oldfather Cech-, Vaclav Ist -12th cent., Charles the IV. 14th century, Rudolf II.- 17th cent.,—- a long time a gap, and then come 1918 Tomas Garigue Masaryk, 1989 Václav Havel… and NOW? We hope we can have a new lucky time, even the choice is a critical!

This time is a big tension in the Czech Republic, we vote our NEW president!! We vote, we people for the first time. A great challenge for our country! I will vote Karel Schwarzenberg. This is a man with an attitude, gratitude and charisma.


He is 12th Prince Schwarzenberg, head of the House of Schwarzenberg since 1979. He became a noted critic of human rights violations in the Eastern Bloc, chairing the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. Following the fall of communism, he became a close adviser to Václav Havel and relocated to Prague. Till today he was an active personality in the Czech politics. I know who is with K.Schwarzenberg in the union is not the best choice, well, now we muss choose! This is our responsibility, and after the election his – to make OUR COUNTRY A PROUD AND AUTHENTIC ONE :::

A country with an opinion, character and respect.  This should be a role of the NEW PRESIDENT! I hope he would become such one.

Podpis   More about my work: http://www.MilenaOda.com


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