The war in Gaza scares me, us, embarassing feelings by seeing dead children, people, hurt, bleeding… – Why?Really tell me, isn´t this a real sigh of hate for the others Freedom? Why does it do Israel?? Israel´s authorities, government. Why do they fight again there? Why are they so FILLED WITH HATRED AND ADDICTED TO THE POWER about our Earth.  They love the war!? They are bored if they hate the life, they don´t feel any love. They are empty. Our planet is in danger. The devil is the leader in this space on the Earth. What a shame!! What a frightening!! We shiver.


 And a LETTER TO OUR WORLD – What is the HAPPINESS for us?  – THE PEACE!  – Written by Milena Oda & Topalante.

“Hello, I am a writer, my name is Milena Oda. I am not happy about the risky situation, the dangers we share now in the world. I call all people all over the world, people in Israel, in Palestina, in Iran. Love the peace we have, we share! Love our planet, love the universe who created us, to whom we are…thankful we are still alive, and that we live. Love yourself! – Don´t forget Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Cernobyl, Fukushima and other wars, there were real signs of our end. Real dangers of the nuclear power. The Angel of the dead spread his wings over these places. Keep power of the love in your hearts, not the nuclear power, forget the hate, forget the weapons! We dont want any apocalypse now! We want to live without the atoms, weapons and hate!
Please love the peace! Create the love and create the magic, the beauty of the magic, think about it!
Think and feel it: Less weapons, more kisses! THANK YOU, Milena Oda & Topalante. 



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