Manifesto: Be New. Be a New Human.

MANIFESTO OF THE NEW HUMAN & NEW BOHEMIAN — by Milena Oda Láska Who is the New Human? The New Human knows only one way: The Way of Love. For us, the correct action is always an embrace: unconditional love. Every day, we exercise this assertion of our ability to find personal peace and use it to…

Film from Egypt: LOVE FROM EGYPT.- film trailer.

I am working now in Egypt!! I direct films, and act and write the scripts with the Egyptian team! Here is my second film I did in Egypt. – Love from Egypt!! – Its a film with a message: Love is in the Arab country, love always wins, and love is stronger than the devil!!…

New Film from Egypt: “Milena in Alexandria”, film trailer.

Hello to all!! I was too long away from my posting. Who would miss me, I apologise, I won’t be that much often here, because I am now doing films, based in Egypt. But helas!! Here is the new film trailer to the film, coming soon: MILENA IN ALEXANDRIA. I directed it with the Egyptian…

Poem for my Star R

Who you are for me R. by Milena Oda Láska …. You are a mystery You are a magic You are the shining star in my universe There is truly something mystically sad but also beautiful about how I can´t touch you can´t see you meet you talk to you but again and again you…

The next mission: Nepal, India, Bangladesh.

Ready for my new journey – India, Nepal and Bangladesh. May God provide me this trip now and help me on my way to the Light, Love and Peace – it is our human´s mission.

Osho – O Lásce::On Love

Osho O Lásce: On Love ❤ Láska není vášeň, láska není emoce. Láska je hluboké pochopení, že vás někdo nějakým způsobem doplňuje. Někdo z vás dělá úplný kruh. Přítomnost druhého posiluje vaši vlastní přítomnost. Láska vám dává svobodu být sám sebou, není majetnická. Proto buďte opatrní – nikdy nezaměňujte sex s láskou, jinak budete zklamáni….

You are Love

You ARE  love. Love is not dependent on the object, but is a radiation of your subjectivity – a radiation of your soul. And the vaster the radiation, the greater is your soul. The wider spread are the wings of your love, the bigger is the sky of your being. – Osho

2016: A Year We spread the Love.

The New Human spreads the Love: The New Human sees the only way: the way of the unconditional love. It´s a challenge, because the Ego wants you to dominate: to hate and lead the war… but You, New Human is stronger than your Devil: You are LOVE. Starts now.

A New Poem: Does the New Year Change?

Does the New Year Change? by Milena Oda Láska …. Does the new year change the future? Does the new year change me? Does the new year change the inhumanity? Does the new year change the way they kill each other? Does the new year change the road we take? Does the new year change the…